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Juleyka Lantigua-Williams
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Thanks for stopping by. This site is a peek into what's been a meandering path through living, loving, and writing--mostly in equal measure. Check for my latest work at TheAtlantic.com, where I write about criminal justice, among other things. Peace & Love, Juleyka

Daring to Write


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Daring to Write: Contemporary Narratives by Dominican Women

Daring to Write gathers in one volume and for the first time Dominican women writing across genres and against gender norms and borders of all kinds. The result is a moving and imaginative critique of how gender, race, and class intersect in the daily lives of women in the Dominican Republic and in the diaspora. This book is an important contribution to women's studies and Latino/a studies. --Daisy Hernández coeditor of Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism

Be prepared for a feast, and then, as with all such blessings of plenty, share it: tell others about this book, put it on your syllabi, on the shelves of your bookstores and libraries. Nourish yourself and others with the rich and savory sancocho of the work collected here. As we Dominicans say when a visitor arrives at mealtime,¡A buen tiempo! Readers, you have indeed come at a good time. --Julia Alvarez, from the foreword

A scrupulously curated and a vividly brilliant anthology; in its entirety it is a full-throated song, a treasure chest, a diamond, a spell. --Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize Winner

“On Being a (Latina) Journalist"--an essay--appears in this wondrous collection of fiction and nonfiction. Get your copy today.